News from HMN Sporthorses from 2012 to 2014.




It's been another good month for me! Another good outing for Joey yesterday! He was a bit excited to say the least but managed to keep a lid on it in the indoor arena test for 71%+ , however the outdoor arena test was like riding a ferrari without breaks! Despite not doing any flying changes all week Joey was determined to throw a few in but there was some really nice work, surprisingly still bringing back the red rosette! So all qualified for the regionals after 3 tests :)





Joey went to Hartpury for his first BD show for well over a year. He was such a star, thrilled to be out at a party and won both Medium opens with 73%+ and 75%+, despite my going wrong in one of them! Really nice having the List 1 judge stop me to say how lovely my riding is and what a great job I did with Joey! The following week we had a lovely mention in the H&H :)






It's been a busy few months for us! Rocky has been doing lots of eventing preparation with some SJ shows and XC schooling, all leading up to his first little one-day-event. Went to Solihull to do the 2'6 and he was such a clever boy, with his eyes out on stalks - don't think he knew what to make of a busy horse trials! He got one of the top dressage scores with the judge coming out to chat for the right reasons today to compliment me n the boy n his training, so nice to say he is homebred n produced. Then a great clear SJ, really chuffed when everyone else seemed to be throwing poles everywhere! Then a good XC round - hard work on my part, jumping the first few from halt where Rocky was VERY spooky, but he went over everything first time Sadly he took a few seconds thinking time to plunge in to the water which gave us 20 penalties! Gutting as would have finished 2nd but can't complain.

I also had a nice mention in the Horse & Hound magazine for Ruth n Greg's little mare Breeze after her mega score at our last competition. 



Finally, some clients have been having some great competition successes. One example being close friend and pupil Heather Nelson who did her second dressage competition with Leo and did an amazing job to WIN her first test with 70.81%! Then took 2nd in the next class, despite an impromptu buck! So thrilled for them, they've worked really hard and deserve such great results, plus lots still to come. 



 Sorry for the lack of updates. It's been an interesting few months for me! Just before christmas I had a nasty off one of my owner's horses, Star - an 18.2hh giant - straight onto concrete! I was taking him out of the yard on to a hack and a gate swung on to us in the wind. Star was fine but I was in a bit of a state with a trapped nerve and it's been a slow recovery. Almost as soon as I was back to normal first thing this year I got the flu and felt ghastly. Then almost as soon as I was back to normal again I got trampled by my 3yo Ruin on the way to the field, knocking me flying and unconscious! So it's definitely been a challenging few months and just goes to show you can never be too careful. They say these things come in threes so hopefully that's me done for the moment!

Fortunately february has begun in a more convincing matter! My homebred youngster Rocky is beginning his first year of outings, plays and competitions. We took him to Abbey Dressage for schooling in January to remind him how to load in the box and introduce him to the venue ahead of his first ever competition. At the beginning of february it was time for his first dressage show and it went really well! He was an absolute star, coped really well with a busy warm up and did a very pleasing test. He scored surprisingly well, finishing 4th out of 20 with over 68%! All despite some wobbly moments and jogging on and off throughout the walk work. It's a really good sign and we're very proud of him. Now we switch our focus on to some show jumping outings before some more dressage in march. The weather is not being kind to us but out little indoor is invaluable and the horses are coping really well and we're all looking forward to the competition season and some fun :)







It's been a busy summer for HMN Sporthorses for good and bad reasons. On a sad note we lost our beautiful ex-racehorse Finn after several months of vet and rehab work. It was a very difficult and distressing time for everyone and we are very grateful for all the support we have had, even the vet was touched by Finn's story and sent us a personal note in support of our decision and sending best wishes. While it ended prematurely and sadly Finn was a very special person and will now no longer be in pain.

On another vet note Joey has been receiving medical treatment as well with some hock injections and a lump removed from his near-fore foot! He has worn front suspensories so is currently on restricted turnout and walking exercise until he can begin work again, hopefully within the next few months. Onwards and upwards! This time off has allowed work to focus on Chancer who has been competing at Advanced Medium this summer with some really promising work and good percentages. We have begun training with Isobel Wessels which has been fantastic so the plan is for a winter of intense training before coming out in force next season!  

Rocky has come back into work after being turned away over the summer and he will hopefully do some low-key competitions over the winter.  I will also begin the backing process with Ruin this winter, he is still quite underdeveloped so will do lots of groundwork over the cold months while fattening him up! I will also bring Truffles back into work so we can decide her fate now her babysitting duties are over. She has very eye-catching Hackney paces so she may join the dressage world as well...




After a quiet winter the horses have been coming back into proper work, doing final clips and preparing for the competition season in their respective areas.

Joey qualified for the Winter Medium Regional Championships for the second year running and we actually managed to go this time! It was an early morning (4.30am) and a long drive (2 1/2 hours) to Addington Manor EC and Joey found this all very tiring, he is no longer a spring chicken! After a good test with two expensive mistakes he finished on 64.95% and 5th. Frustratingly 1st, 2nd and 3rd places qualified for the Winter Nationals and the rider that finished 3rd was only on 65.45%, a score Joey would have definitely achieved without the big errors! Of course that's just the way it goes and it was a great experience.





After a quiet winter the horses have been coming back into proper work, doing final clips and preparing for the competition season in their respective areas.

Joey qualified for the Winter Medium Regional Championships so his work for the last few months has all been geared toward preparing for Kingston Maurward in February. This means leaving his flying changes work and concentrating on NOT throwing them into the test whenever he fancies!



Joey wasn't able to go to the Regional Champs this time as he wasn't 100%. We had a pretty disastrous run up to Kingston with a frozen outdoor arena, a lack of riding on my part after Joey kneed me in the head and prevented me getting a riding hat on(!), and then the arrival of some new liveries causing Joey to have a dull coat and small temperature. 5 hours of travelling would not have been kind so we had to withdraw from the Regionals. Fortunately a few weeks later and he's back to normal and we will now be concentrating on qualifying for the summer medium regionals.

I have managed to purchase another horse! Not intentionally - I didn't plan to buy another horse - but I think fate played a hand again as I was offered him for a fraction of his worth and I just couldn't say no! So we welcome Rubuloo to Coldelm Farm; a rising 2 year old black Hanoverian gelding by Rubinero by the prolific grandsire Rubinstein. He should make 16.2hh and is a beautiful boy, very friendly and well mannered for his age. His paces are already fantastic so he is an exciting sport horse prospect for the future.




A quiet month. Joey managed to cut his mouth on his field companion and best buddy Finn's rug's back leg strap and so has ended up having several weeks off for it to heal properly as it was a big tear.

Finn has been preparing for the summer and some eventing with his first XC schooling sessions of the year. We started at Crown Farm in Wickwar for some easy jumps and hillwork and then went to Leyland Court in Bristol. He was an absolute superstar and a winter without XC has definitely made him super keen! He's turning out to be quite the XC machine - jumping anything in front of him.   





April saw the first dressage outings of the year for Joey and Chancer. Joey came second in his Medium 75 at Abbey Dressage and was very excited to be out! Chancer had his first dressage event for 4 years! He's such a challenging horse I decided it wasn't worth competing him until he was behaving more appropriately at home and ready to go out and hopefully not humiliate himself with his usual bad antics...we did a warm-up elementary at Abbey Dressage before the Medium. He was over the moon to be out and about and caused a fair few 'ooo' and 'aaaa' from the spectators! He was particularly hot and exuberant but did some nice moments between the leaps and spooks that gives me hope that he might start acting his age sometime soon and perform as well as he can.




A busy few months! Joey has been out competing well with many first places, high scores and has now qualified for the Winter Regionals in 2012. Chancer has also been out regularly at Medium level, scoring the highest percentage of the class at his last outing with 66%. Both are progressing well at home with Chancer improving his flying changes as they gradually become less exuberant! Joey is also going from strength to strength with his piaffe and passage work really improving the expression of his trot.

The other horses have been going well. I have broken in our home-bred youngster Rocky over the summer and he is thoroughly enjoying his new ridden life, particularly canter work! He is a very straightforward chap who is a real sweetie and the plan will be to sell him next year. Finn injured his knee at the beginning of the summer but it is now healed and he will come back into work now, having missed all the eventing season!