HMN Sporthorses in 2015





No competing this month after some hideous weather meant we cancelled any outings that were planned. Lots of riding and training and the horses are coming along really well.

We had a lovely christmas - hope you all did too! & Happy New Year! Hope your 2015 has been a great year! Lots of ups and downs here..lost a horse (RIP beautiful Joey) and bought a horse (welcome Bertie!), enjoyed some great competition success with lots of red roses and another Horse & Hound write-up and then came crashing down with an injury to my homebred boy Rocky that we're still trying to remedy.

However, 2016 looks bright with some new friends, amazing support, exciting horses to ride, youngsters to debut competing and a new sponsorship! Huge thanks and love to everyone, and all the best for 2016.


November starting with a BD show at Hartpury on the 1st November, which was not without interest! Did two tests on Ruth & Greg's little coloured mare Orlando Mill (Breeze), she warmed up great but is a bit fat and hairy at the moment so literally died for the tests!! Managed 3rd in both, somehow, but not the finest work we've produced...

My favourite comical moment from her second test was when she decided, actually, she just couldn't canter again...but she underestimated the determination of the rider!! Tap 1...tap 2...almost...canter!

A few weeks later it was lovely to see an Advanced Medium horse I sold for his owner a few years ago featuring in the Horse & Hound magazine! So pleased he's doing so well with his new owner with some big BD scores. He was such a lovely boy and his new owner such a sweetie.

One of the best parts of winter...thanks to Chancer and Rocky for modelling the mud monster look!!

During the last week of November someone asked to see photos of Chaner when I first got him - not least because they didn't believe all the weird colours he went...steel grey, dun, dapple grey, flea-bitten...which prompted me to do a mini collage to show Chancer Prancer 'through the years' from 4 years old to now, nearly 10 years laster, at 13 years old. Lovely to reminisce and see how far he's come!



Had somewhat of a surprise on the 9th October when I was told Ruth & Greg's Star and I were in that week's Horse & Hound magazine after his debut in September! I've been in the H&H a couple of times before, but usually I know beforehand because they call me for a chat and a photo etc...however this time they spoke to his owner who didn't tell me so it was very unexpected! Pleasant surprise :)

Next up was Ruth & Greg's giant Star in his second BD show. Everything was against us as it was nice and rainy then they were very late arriving (apparently Star was hyper at home so had a HARD lunge before coming!) so had only 10 mins warmup! As a result the test wasn't the prettiest with some jogging in all the walk and bronking in to both canters, but managed 65% and 2nd in the Novice Open. Had a couple of 8s which made up for the less desirable scores!



A quiet month competing-wise as we start to wind down for winter. Had a successful outing competing Ruth & Greg's little mare Breeze at Hartpury. She finds it quite scary there and becomes a little introverted when she's tense, but did two really nice tests to win both the Novice and the Elementary :)

Next was another of Ruth & Greg's horses - the enormous 18.1hh Star. It was his first outing for 4 years after fracturing his neck and a seriously long rehab process, plus it was his first ever BD competition. Ruth lunged him in the morning to make sure he behaved, and while we still had a few bronking sessions in the warm-up he was a good boy and came 2nd in the Open section! It's been a long road getting here but a great result for his first show :)

Now for some exciting news! I now own a gorgeous new boy in partnership with Sarah Varney-Wiseman - he's a 6 year old PRE gelding with lots of spanish feistiness and beauty! I've been riding him for a while with Sarah so when the opportunity arose it was a dream come true! Can't wait to get him out dressaging in 2016 :)



I'm thrilled to post some photos of a couple of horses I ride for owners Ruth & Greg. Firstly Mr Starship (aka Star, 'Star's Humbug'). He's had a rocky road getting 'expelled' from some pro yards as a baby and then fracturing his neck a couple of years ago when I'd only been riding him a few months! But a couple of years off gave him a chance to grow in to his 18hh+ body and now he's getting stronger and stronger, making the serious patience worth it. Super excited for his BD debut next month :)

Next it was another of Ruth & Greg's horses: the talented mare Inky by Painted Black, another they bred themselves. I broke her in at 4 but since then she's been in and out of work with lots of injuries and problems. Fingers tightly crossed for no more interruptions then we can get her out BDing next year :)

Early on in August I had an interesting day competing Ruth & Greg's Orlando Mill at Hunters Equestrian...her first time there and she found the indoor very scary! Lots of sideways action in any pace other than what we were supposed to be in, so was stunned to win the big Novice Class! As you can see from one of the photos some serious pony club kicks were necessary!!

Then a bit of fun at home jumping my mum's horse Truffles over our XC fences - her first time XC but, while alarmed, she was brave and gave it all a go! Maybe another eventer for me?!

A busy last few weeks with a lovely young Friesian x mare who's here on holiday and schooling livery. A real sweetie with a good brain and very smart paces. Enjoying riding her!

Last weekend was very busy, competing both days! First was Chancer doing the Advanced Medium in the scorching heat! Was so pleased with his trot work but he couldn't keep his focus in the canter so it was rather messy (you can see trouble looming in the canter photo with those pinned ears!). Particularly chuffed because he managed a few little steps of runback n got a 6! BIG improvement from last time when he reared n got a 2!!



I took Chancer Prancer to do an Advanced Medium freestyle...quite literally! He went nicely and quietly in the warmup but became really spooky once in the test. Some nice moments but most movements were marred by spooks and leaps. The judge's comment began "poor you" so I think she understood! Was pleased to still manage 65% and the music worked fab :)

The following weekend Ruth Meeke and Greg Hewlett's Orlando Mill came 3rd in a big Novice class with 70% and then won the elementary with 71.6%. Such a clever girlie :)

Competitions-aside I had some great sessions with Ruth & Greg's Mr Starship (as I like to call him...aka Star!). He's had a rocky road getting 'expelled' from some pro yards as a baby and then fracturing his neck a couple of years ago when I'd only been riding him a few months! But a couple of years off gave him a chance to grow in to his 18hh+ body and now he's getting stronger and stronger, making the serious patience worth it. Super excited for his BD debuts soon!


June has been a busy month! Took Rocky to his first B.E. horse trials on the 7th (his previous two were unaffiliated). Got a decent dressage score of 29.5 and then rolled a pole in the SJ before flying the XC inside the time, finishing 2nd! So that's three one-day-events this year, this first year eventing, and a 1st, 3rd and 2nd!! Very proud of our homebred and home produced boy.

The following weekend I took Ruth Meeke & Greg Hewlett's mare Orlando Mill dressing where she scored a fab 73.54% in the Novice Open and then went sweetly in only her second elementary, but some expensive mistakes - mainly when she tried to pick up canter in the trot work three times! Such a poppet :)

For the final weekend of June I took Chancer for his first competition of the year. He was quite cooperative for Chancer and managed to do a nice Medium to win with over 68%, despite my going wrong! The Advanced Medium wasn't quite so smooth with some spooks and I didn't even attempt the runback after his response in the warmup was to rear bolt upright and wave at the a 1 for that movement, but all his flying changes were clean and calm and so much to be pleased about that I was happy with 2nd and 64%.


I took Rocky to his second one day event...which was not without interest!! A bit of a disaster really...he was uncharacteristically fresh for his dressage and did some flying changes in both his canters, earning us a few 4s alongside the 8s! So we understandably got a low disappointing dressage score of 35.8. Then he found the ground a little tricky and in the SJ nearly fell over on a tight turn to one fence which he then had down. Almost didn't run XC but it's still an education for him so we decided to go for it. Went clear despite jumping being quite green and spooky and really made him gallop which meant we had one of the fastest rounds with only 1 time fault. Miraculously the day was causing lots of people some problems so we managed to finish 3rd! What a crazy day!


A good few outings for April! First - super chuffed with Rocky winning his one day event today, only his second one ever! He led the dressage with 22.5 and by a serious margin, so rolling a pole in the SJ (he found it intimidating jumping inside for the first time!) didn't stop him picking up the red rosette! Only a little unaffiliated but tells me where he is in his training before affiliating BE in a few months. Lovely winning such a collection of vouchers and goodies too. Clever boy!

My favourite sort of dressage sheet! :

At the end of April I took Ruth Meeke and Greg Hewlett's Orlando Mill to Burrows Court for her first competition of 2015. She came 2nd in the Novice Open with 71.29% and then did her first elementary, scoring 68.91%. So pleased with her, she's so much fun to ride and the perfect way to start her season!


At the start of March we took Joey to the Patchetts Regionals where he had qualified for the Medium Open. It was blowing a small GALE so he was a little tense and jumpy, as well as a bit stiff after 3 1/2 hours journey to get there (he's 16 years old now!) But he was such a good boy and did a lovely test. A couple of uncharacteristic mistakes where he cantered in his first medium trot and then did two one-time changes in one of the counter canters - not just once but twice!! We finished 8th in a big and competitive class. Pleased overall with what a star Joey was but very frustrated that there was only 1% between 2nd place and me at 8th and the errors definitely cost me a %....oh well!